Uibhlaoire Parish

Uibhlaoire is a parish in County Cork, the most south-westerly county in the Republic of Ireland, "Eire". In some places the parish is referred to inaccurately as Inchigeelagh, but this causes confusion with Inchigeelagh village which is situated near the centre of the parish.
It is consists of a greater part of the watershed of the upper River Laoi (Lee).  East to West it is around 23Km. and North to South around 13 Km, giving an area of a bit under 300 sq.Km
It is an area of outstanding natural beauty and special mention must be made of Loch Allua and of the Gougane Barra Forest Park. , but on the whole the soil is acidic and poor. The major industry is livestock farming, with forestry second, but there are  small industries ranging from biscuit-making to shirt manufacture and information technology.
The main centres of population are two small villages: Ballingeary and Inchigeelagh, and two hamlets: Gougane Barra and Toons Bridge. All of these, excepting Gougane, are situated on the road from Bantry to Macroom, the R584. There is a Google map of the parish under the 'Location' button.
The western half of the parish is in the West-Muskerry Gaeltacht or official Irish speaking area, but don't worry, everyone speakes English as well.
The climate is very mild, hardly ever dropping below -5C or exceeding 25 C, although there are occasional exceptions. Weather is a little unpredictable, leading to frequent suprises, good and bad. They say 'If you don't like the weather here, just wait ten minutes'. Being only about 30 Km from the Atlantic, we have quite breezy weather for much of the time and quite often, gales.  This has lead recently to a proliferation of wind-farm planning applications in the area.
Of course, like most of Ireland, sports and music seem to be the most popular amusements.
It is a great place for a holiday with little traffic or overhead aircraft noise, hardly any light pollution and best of all a warm, friendly population.

Loch Allua from the South Lake Road